The violet color is full of elegance

Purple ice float hydrating emerald bracelet-227

Hetian jade white jade bracelet-182

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Advanced fine south red agate K gold earrings-104

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Fine carved red agate pendant-100

Hetian jade white jade necklace-195

Amber beeswax bracelet-103

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Fine jasper

Natural raw mineral products

Avenue to simple, pearls, peace and full.

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Multi-loop bracelet

Natural raw mineral products

Natural cinnabar necklace-186

South red agate Chinese style wax bracelet-102

The oil is fine, and the highlight is bright

Hetian jade white jade bracelet-277

Fine craft, ingenuity quality.

Feel the years quiet good.


Hetian jade white jade necklace-195

Hetian jade multi-treasure colored jade bracelet-166

Natural south red agate pearl necklace-101


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